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Entry #9


2010-01-27 19:11:20 by HeLLsGaUrDiAn

I know it's been a while since I've submitted something, like always but this time I'm releasing my first solo track and I'm going back underground with this one. Pay close attention to the message that I'm trying to convey, I hope everyone enjoys this one.

This song was produced by War-spawn and mixed/mastered by Merc.

DeX - Streets


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2010-01-28 15:35:40

I loved the track it was awesome, nuff said.

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Thanks for the love lol I really do hope that this song gets the attention of those that don't listen to hip-hop because this is what I represent, real hip-hop ;) Stay up.


2010-07-05 19:15:03

I stillsay you and I should collab. You bum lol. Check out Running Empty on the page. I do believe you will recognize the track.