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[E7] Time (prod. TeddyGram) [E7] Time (prod. TeddyGram)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My dude, I'm gonna be the realest n***a here.

You got me sold with this, seriously. You're by far the best rapper lyrically on this site and having this kind of mic quality is just a waste. Loved the profound feeling of this track and your lyrics in this track speak on so many levels, this is truly the epitome of hip-hop.

This is real hip-hop, nothing less and nothing more. You've inspired me, I've been blocked for a while now without motivation but this track is exactly the hip-hop that needs to be blasting across the radio, it represents it. I give props where it's due and it's more than due, this is on some real talk. You've got my complete respect now. Stay up.

GloineFiodh responds:

real words right there.
i'm glad it inspired you

NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This finale was anticlimactic to say the least

I was kind of disappointed by this round simply because Gloine vs. Gasmasq was much better but it was a pretty good battle, it just didn't meet my expectations. Now, let's get to the judging:

- Exceptid -
Flow and delivery was pretty good and lyrics themselves did the job of dissing your opponent so that was on point but the rhyme scheme was type weird so I wasn't really impressed by it. It felt like you were trying to rhyme words that really don't rhyme but they sound kind of similar. Either way, it didn't really work for me but for the most part, the rhyming wasn't as bad as others seem to make it out to be. I think it was just a little hard to hear some of your bars, but I still enjoyed the battle.

- Gloine -
The flow was decent but the delivery felt real monotonous to be honest. Your rhyme scheme was amazing as usual but your lyrics was type sporadic. You had some nice bars where you had Exceptid but you mixed in too many irrelevant bars where you weren't directly dissing him. So your verses were kind of up and down for me but that doesn't change the fact that you kept yourself in there with some of those lines.

~ Final Verdict ~
Although this finale wasn't as impressive as the last round, it was still a pretty good battle. Exceptid had plenty of energy and his lyrics were pretty solid to keep himself in the battle but at the same time, had some trouble with his rhyme scheme. Gloine came hard with his ridiculous rhyme scheme and his old school type flow but his lyrics were all over the place, sometimes it felt like he was just glorifying himself which is not the point of a battle.

The real difference between Exceptid and Gloine though, was in the second verses. Exceptid had Gloine shook after that second verse and Gloine never recovered. I did hear Gloine trying to flip some bars on Exceptid but it didn't work out precisely because it wasn't really directed at him. These are the bars that I felt really finished Gloine:

"You talk shit, you almost lost every round/ I burn the cynic, I'm arsenic and turn you into smoke clouds." (Exceptid, I wasn't sure if this is right so you gotta tell me the exact words for this bar)

"You think I'm cocky, it's called fucking emotion/ go get some of your own style, go get one."

All in all, while is was a pretty close battle up until the last verse, my vote goes to Exceptid.

NGHH KO1 - Theicon Vs Redmong NGHH KO1 - Theicon Vs Redmong

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Entertaining battle

This was probably the best match-up between 2 MC's.

Iconicicon - While you had an ill flow and delivery, your verse lacked research and barely did it's job. Either way, I enjoyed the atmosphere that you created for this track, the flow and delivery was great and I would have liked to hear something like this as a song but it was weak as a battle verse. Make sure you do a better job at researching your opponent for the next round.

RedMongoose - You had the same problems as Icon but much worse. I loved your flow and your delivery on this track and it would work great as a song but again, this is a battle. You have to make sure you trash your opponent and your verse didn't really do that. You had a very playful verse and it was fun but if you advance to the next round, make sure you insult your opponent.

| Final Verdict |
This was far easier to choose considering the fact that one had a better idea of what a battle is about. RedM. had a great delivery and flow just like Icon but I feel that Icon did a better job at attacking his opponent whereas RedM.'s verse could have been directed at the general public. This was a fun round but I believe Icon should advance to the next round. Good luck to both of you.

NGHH KO1 - Wyze vs Murdaa NGHH KO1 - Wyze vs Murdaa

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not a strong round be either

I'm gonna be commenting on both of them.

Wyze - You definitely had the stronger lyrics and it was blatantly obvious that you were more direct in your insults which is always a plus but one of the biggest problems I had with your verses was that your flow AND delivery fall way behind your strength (I.e. - Lyrics.) You're still missing that certain "swag" (as much as I hate using that word but it fits for what I'm trying to explain,) there's a certain feeling to battles that was just missing from your delivery and flow. This is something I would hope you will work on so good luck to you in the future.

Grimcredible/Murda - While Wyze did have the stronger lyrics and more direct insults, you had enough strength in your lyrics to get by but I would like to think that you can do a better job at researching your opponent so if you get the chance to advance to round 2, make sure you do. As for your flow, honestly it wasn't that much better than Wyze's but it was still better none-the-less. You're strongest point would have to be your delivery because that's where I felt you shined the most.

| Final Verdict |
While neither of these 2 MC's impressed me because of their lack of flow, I still believe someone has a slight edge. Wyze had the stronger lyrics but the impact of them suffered because of his weakness in delivery and flow. Grim didn't have enough direct insults but made up for it in delivery and decent lyrics.

This was a close round but in the end, I feel that Grimcredible has the most potential in providing a more interesting round 2 but he's gonna have to work harder to impress because you have to show no mercy in battles, no matter who your opponent is. Both of these artists did their things but in the end, I feel Grim should advance to round 2. Good luck to you both.

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T-Free feat. [Deceased] Alone T-Free feat. [Deceased] Alone

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I loved this track man, I was feeling everything. I think if you can find someone to mix and master your vocals better along with some better adlibs for the singing parts, this would be a much better track. I also think that the instrumental overpowers your vocals too much so you should probably try to find a better balance between that. Either way, tight track. Stay up.

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colliseumofghosts responds:

Thanks for the advice man, I really wanna get everything mixed a lot better, I can do it but my equipment is slowly dying.

Thanks again!

Way of the Samurai Way of the Samurai

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Tight track

I'm definitely feeling the flow and delivery. I'm usually not attracted to that raspy type voice but it works well in this case. The beat was ill and it sounds pretty clean from what I can tell. One thing I might criticize you on is your lyrics but even that is pushing it since it's only because I prefer lyrics that are deeper in meaning and mix in more multi-syllable rhyme schemes so it's only me being picky. Other then that, I'm feeling it. 5'd and downloaded, stay up.

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colliseumofghosts responds:

hey, thanks alot man, for this track I was writing in the tradition Wu Tang style, free association. The next tracks I'll be putting up are a lot deeper and way more skilled.
Thanks for the kind words dude.

[E7] Big L Tribute [E7] Big L Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Another artist that n***as is sleeping on. The lyrics and flow were on of the best I've heard in a while. This is real hip-hop, none of that bubble gum rap shit you hear on the radio now a days. Now all you need is a better mic and find someone that knows how to mix and master vocals and you're set. Although you could learn how to mix and master yourself. Either way, stay up.

GloineFiodh responds:

haha thanks a lot. yeah some kids don't recognize it anymore, but im glad a lot of you guys do. i'm working on that mic situation.

Wyze - Terrible Wyze - Terrible

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved the song man but...

I feel like you took 1 step forward and 2 steps back with your delivery. The lyrics and the flow were fine but your delivery still needs work man. There has to be a consistent sound to your voice. I know you're trying to get the emotion right but the way you did it just sounded weird. Either way man, good track. Don't give up, I like what you're doing but just work on your delivery and you're set. OH and also get a new mic lol. Stay up.

Blasphem-E responds:

Once I get a new job I'll pick up a new mic. As for the delivery, you are completely right, I was attempting to get the emotion into the track.
Thanks for the thoughts.

WS - What's Beef WS - What's Beef

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What's beef? Simple...

It's the shit you eat n***a, and I like mine well done ;) The flows and delivery were on point and I can see where you got your style from Spawn. When I heard the hook, I thought that was you for a second lol. This beat was tight, I remember when you first released it and with the lyrics, it's on point. Hey, I got the my solo track recorded so I'm gonna release it soon. Merc is actually gonna mix and master it for me, I used the "Eat 'em up" beat you posted last year too.

Best I Ever Had (R.Y.D.) Best I Ever Had (R.Y.D.)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Imma be real here...

I liked the lyrics but I was disappointed at the fact that the flow was almost identical to Drake's track. Might as well just do a cover but in hip-hop, it just doesn't work well. In my opinion, you should have changed up the flow and delivery to stay true to your own style. Either way, I still enjoyed the track and although I did have my issues with it, I still gave you a 5 for it. Stay up.

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RemixF2D responds:

I always appreciate the honesty bro, but what you poited out is exactly what I was going for. In consideration the song is more of a parody but I liked drakes flow so I kept it similar and didnt wanna stray to far I have other love songs that are completly original that ive written which ill post eventually. on another note I really wanst even planning o posting this song online because I dedicated it to someone, but Rymix convinced me to do so, I had fun on the track and expected some backfire but what kindof artist would I be if I couldnt take criticism ya know, dueces.